Just mineral

An advanced Spa line, based on the benefits derived from Dead Sea minerals, combined with vitamins and natural skin care ingredients. The product line includes luxurious bath salts, body lotions, hair and facial skin care products.

An advance professional research and development department facility for high-quality production, that can create the perfect formula for you

Since its inception in 1949, Israel's leading skin and beauty professional experts formulates cosmetic solutions for your skin. One of the prominent, leading names in the Israeli beauty industry, and one whose presence in international markets as a veteran manufacturer of quality products. As one of the few companies to have its own research and development laboratory, and it has become reputable as a developer of innovative products of the highest quality.

We have a 4,600 sq-meter facility in Ashdod is where toiletries, cosmetics and hygiene products, alongside exclusive Dead Sea products, are manufactured according to international standards. The facility, which houses state-of-the-art technology as well as talented and experienced experts, is responsible for the innovative research and development of various cosmetic products.

The company`s facility adheres to the strictest quality standards, including the cGMP; and provides support and professional service across the entire manufacturing process – from product developments to package design, marketing and distribution.